A commissioned by the auction process.


In 1, my company all auction are needed in my company warehouse, unified description, pictures, upload.

In 2, for the auction, you can send photos to my company works department.

3, if you are in the XX city can also directly with the goods to my company works Department contact.

4, if you come please call with sales staff to send an appointment on time, after identification, if appropriate in the distance H.K.SOFTBILL International Auction Limited auction, they will take the initiative to contact you, determine the physical physical goods, valuation, commissioned by the signing of auction protocol specific issues such as.

5 years of articles, define and valuation must see real can make accurate judgement, your goods whether in distant H.K.SOFTBILL International Auction Limited online auction, to my company's sales department issued opinions shall prevail.

6, to make valuation, the sales staff to negotiate with a client.

2 auction procedures


The auction procedures

The auction procedure refers to the operation of the whole auction process, can be divided into four major stages, followed by auction, auction, auction notice, for delivery of the subject matter.

One, auction commissioned stage

Commissioned by the auction stage must determine the client identity, mainly refers to the identity, and that client identity documents. If the client is a natural person, it shall provide the ID card; if the principal is a legal person or other organization, shall provide the enterprise legal person business license, registration certificate and other corporations.

The commissioning phase to determine the client's rights. The auction object ownership certificate or dispose of the auction target shall be proved, and can prove that the client about the auction items or property rights ownership and disposition of the proof material.

The auctioneer must understand clients commissioned by the auction object properties. The principal must provide the auction object details, including the auction target name, quantity, quality, condition and location. As a result of the auction object has a wide range of features, depending on the subject matter, the auctioneer shall obtain much detailed information as possible. The principal and the consultation, the auction to determine the subject matter of the reserve price, commission and the proportion of the auction. Then signed the " agreement " commissioned by the auction, also known as the auction contract ( hereinafter referred to as the agreement ), " agreement " shall include the following contents:

( a ) the trustor, the auctioneer 's name, domicile, legal representative, agent;

( two) the auction object name, number, domicile ( storage ), status;

( three) the subject matter of the reserve price auction;

( four) the auction fee clause;

( five) the auction time, location, auction price settlement period, the subject matter delivered way and deadline;

( six) the auction and the auction of articles related to the;

( seven) the auction procedures, suspension and termination conditions;

( eight) parties to auction the liability for breach of contract;

( nine) signing the time and the term of validity of a contract;

( ten) to be agreed upon terms;

In two, the auction notice and display

Auction announcement process includes: auction notice for auction targets, propaganda, and the bidders contact and consultation as well as the auction object display.

Auction notice for auction sale will probably tell in the public, this time the auction law has clear provisions, which must be 7 days before the auction day release, informed of the commonly used method for the media advertising, the announcement itself is not a contract on offer, but only invited talks ( it is an invitation to offer, invitation to offer ). Notice of auction shall generally include the following items:

( a ) the auction client (in addition to client confidentiality requirements outside);

( two) the nature of the auction;

( three) the auction object name, type, quantity, and quality;

( four) the auction object display time, place;

( five) the auction advice time, place;

( six) the auction time, place;

( seven) the contact person and contact methods;

( eight) the bidder 's qualification and conditions and bond auction amount and mode of delivery;

( nine) other matters should inform the bidder.

On the auction object publicity, although must inform the full 7 days, but in order to make the auction object with more buyers, notice, show time can be longer, or buy the subject-matter of the bidder more better, the auction subject matter knowledge

The more detailed the better. Generally speaking, people do not bear on the auction the auction object security liability, especially public property auction. But the auctioneer shall inform the bidders the subject-matter of the flaw, the embodiment of the justice and auction auctioneer sets up the good enterprise image is very important. In the display during the auction, the auctioneer must provide the auction object details, such as the " auction notice ", " special provisions ", " auction auction catalog ", the auction shall generally include the following contents:

( a ) the auction object name, quantity, quality and so on;

( two) the auction price, payment and term;

( three) the Commission and other related costs;

( four) auction and transaction mode;

( five) the auction object transfer should pay taxes;

( six) the other should be informed of the matter.

As a result of the auction object scope is quite wide, resulting in the formulation of " special provisions " and " directory " in preparation for some items subject to the change of ownership registration fee should be a detailed description of.

In three, the auction process

Bidders after consultation and look like process, to clear their willingness to participate in bidding, must undertake the bidding registration, and to become the true sense of the bidder. Percutaneous delivery of margin and receive the bidding announcement plate, in accordance with the provisions of the time and place to participate in the auction bidding, when the auctioneer hammer said after the transaction, in numerous bidder will produce buyer.

( a ) for registration is bidders showed identity documents, and expressed willingness to provide bidding behavior. Auctioneer has the right to audit the bidder 's qualification, and have the power to decide whether to accept the bid will, for registration shall generally include:

In 1, the bidders to the name, domicile, certificate number;

In 2, the bidders situations (such as the operating range);

3, contact person, address, telephone;

In 4, on which the object of interest;

5, margin delivery;

6, bank, property or credit situation;

7, to provide documents to the original or a copy ( file ).

Some auction shall be limited to bidders with business qualifications, such as tobacco, liquor, so the bidders that material of the products is very important.

( two) the auctioneer to bidders to collect a certain amount of the bid bond, is to guarantee the successful bidder auction, to prevent irresponsible bid, to safeguard the interests of the principal. Bidders must be in accordance with the time limit as stipulated in the notice of auction and the amount of the payment bond auction, expired or not to pay the full margin of the bidders will be construed as a waiver of bids. After the auction, the buyer may be part of the price margin, not transactions bidders margin is returned to the bidder. There is only one kind of situation margin can turn penalty due to breach of contract, namely the bidders by Pat has become a buyer after payment to, its advance margin it turns to the penalty for breach of contract, liquidated damages portion for covering the auction fees, the other part as trustee's compensation.

( three) the auction auctioneer to auction notice stipulated time, location of organizing the auction, which comprises the following steps: registration and reception, auction, the auctioneer, main racket, signing, financial settlement.

( four) when the bidder becomes the buyer, and should be signed " auction auction confirmation " ( hereinafter referred to as the " confirmation " ), " confirmation " buyer and auctioneers agreed to confirm. " Confirmation " also determine the auction and the buyer the right, obligation of a contract, a legally binding. " Confirmation " content includes:

In 1, the buyer of the license plate number;

2, to buy the underlying number, name, quantity, price;

3, transaction fees, the amount and proportion of total payment amount;

In 4, the auction and the buyer signature. " Confirmation " must be approved by the auctioneer and the buyer signed before they can become effective.

In four, the auction of the settlement and delivery of the subject matter is the stage for auction settlement stage. Auction settlement stages should include: the buyer of the settlement, in addition to the buyer and the other bidders in the settlement, the auction object transfer, the client's settlement, the auctioneer and the accounting auction data filing.

( a ) the buyer within the time stipulated in the auction to pay the full price and the auction fee auction auction, talent can be the subject matter to the buyer, at the same time the auction also provide documents to the buyer according to the subject matter; in the case of different auction shall also assist the buyer for some change in ownership procedures, for the buyer to provide excellent after sale service.

( two) the auctioneer received the buyer after the price, should be timely and the principal settlement, after deducting commission fee will be surplus price deliver client. The general and the principal settlement, the use of settlement documents shall include the following contents:

1, contract, contract number and date;

2, clinch a deal the subject-matter of the name, quantity and prices;

3, clinch a deal the subject matter in the auction process costs;

In 4, the auction commission;

In 5, the auctioneer must pay the price.

For some of the subject matter, the auction should also require the client to provide relevant documents and procedures, in favor of the buyer for the change of ownership.

( three) the auction settlement in addition to the buyer and the principal settlement, the auctioneer 's settlement ( Accounting ), is also extremely important, the auctioneer for the auction expenses, including expenditure taxes, fees, commissions and other income, should be well accounting.

( four) summarizes each auction experience, finishing the written auction record, according to the provisions of the contract for authorization of auction, the auction notice preserved, auction notice, special provisions, auction catalog, confirmation, the written auction record auction information, save for a period of not less than 5 years, at the same time, the bidders to the data archive, accumulation can become the next auction client source.

3 fast become works of art auction experts


Fast becoming auction experts

Introduction: magnificent; ornate; fascinating artwork auction market, let a person be intoxicated, high price of the transaction amount to a staggering. Face the temptation of the auction market, many people want to participate. Whether buyers or sellers, to become an auction experts, all need to master the common and basic auction knowledge, at the same time as much as possible about the auction rules. Know the score, to do do not panic.

A good seller

Don't ignore transaction cost

The importance of good price

Simplify the complex process of

Good buyer

As a buyer to pay attention to the following points:

1, collection to rational, even investment should also have a long time investment plans, like Mei Yin Tong also not accomplish at one stroke, after a few years or even decades of long time accumulation, far from the country think;

2, don't listen to counterfeiting and selling fake their advertising. Find the right way, making circles, good eye, was equal to buy insurance;

In 3, when bids eyesight, financial and boldness neat drive and drive, borrowed from the famous antique collector Mr. Qian Weipeng as saying, to stand in the world and the future of the height, only enough eye, financial and energy mix of the three, can receive the good stuff.

4 how to hold a charity auction?


A charity auction initiated and organized usually have two situations: one is the foundation of their collection auction, investment, employ the auctioneer, help them to host a live auction; the other is a foundation collected after the auction, commissioned by the auction companies investment. The two sides signed the contract, by the auction companies to the auctioneer. The auction companies may refuse to take any payment for, may also receive a part of the cost of services, this part of the costs from the turnover. In the target number, the standard amount, usually commissioned by the auction companies.

Goods collection work primarily by the foundation to do, this is their own, and they also have ample time to prepare. Auction companies Collection Lot rarely, because they are the main industry is commercial auction, it is difficult to take personnel into the good goods collection.

However, the difficulty in the charity auction auction solicitation: not just an auction are worth taking. Charity auction need charity auction auction from the first link experience intervention. According to the subject, the auctioneer to collect what he suggested, and from the artistic and market value two respects review whether it is suitable for charity auction.

High value goods collection thanks to the initiator, organizer or foundation president connections, including in the social entrepreneurs and collectors. Lots of high value, the value will be raised for charity. Charity auction is the ultimate goal of the auction for cash, then transition to the investment links. The auction information publication, printed catalogue, in the exhibition center display, enter the club exhibition, let more buyers know charity auction news.

For grasp customer resource is little, foundation is not easy to investment. It may entrust a auction companies, they will provide their own customer base issued an invitation, called the buyer. The auctioneer may also through their own channels, introduce collectors and buyers to pay attention to.